CPAF attends “Engaging Boys and Men Conference” featuring Dr. Jackson Katz

On Tuesday June 20th, CPAF staff attended the “Engaging Boys and Men Conference” hosted by House of Ruth and featuring author, filmmaker, and educator Dr. Jackson Katz. The goal of the conference was to address the need to engage men and boys in the fight to end domestic and other forms of violence.

Katz’ main point was that men’s violence against women not only hurts women, but also hurts men – including boys who grow up in households with domestic violence. While men are more often the perpetrators of gender violence, they are also the victims – however, men are often absent when addressing the issue of intimate partner violence.

Katz posed the need to hold individuals accountable for their actions while simultaneously confronting the attitudes that underpin social systems excusing men’s use of violence against women.

The conference provided interesting learning points for CPAF as we continue working with boys and men in our prevention and intervention work.

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