Our Hearts Are Filled with Gratitude…

We are filled with gratitude for you, our supporters who have volunteered their time and donated holiday gifts to share with the families we serve at CPAF. We give many thanks to our holiday event volunteers and sponsors:


The holidays can be a difficult time for the families staying in our shelters: they have experienced trauma; their lives are changing; they are adjusting to a new environment and a new community.


By providing gifts, you are demonstrating that the community cares about survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Knowing that others in the community support their healing serves as a symbol of hope for the families we serve.


This year, gifts have been contributed by so many of you who are showing support and encouragement for these resilient survivors, including:



This multitude of gifts – more than 300 gifts in total – is being distributed this month to families served by CPAF. Thank you for your support!

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