Women’s History Month: the power of one woman


In honor of women’s history month, CPAF is sharing stories about women who have inspired them. CPAF’s own story begins with Nilda Rimonte, a woman who sought to address an issue she saw in her own local community—Asian Pacific Islander (API) immigrant women experiencing domestic or sexual violence with no place to turn to for help or services.


Under Nilda’s leadership, CPAF developed the first multi-lingual 24-hour hotline and the first multi-lingual, multi-cultural domestic violence emergency shelter specialized in serving API survivors in the nation.


This month, CPAF honors Nilda’s legacy and celebrates the power of one woman to speak out against injustice, to take action in the service of her community, and to galvanize others to join her cause.



Click here to find out how you can get involved.
Click here to find out more about our 40th Anniversary campaign.


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