Become a Digital Advocate with CPAF!

Advocates are at the very core of CPAF, serving the mission and goals of the organization and working in the community to prevent violence. CPAF’s Family Advocates at our shelters work with clients and their families to find safe housing, secure income, and process the trauma they have experienced. Our Intervention Program Advocates at the Community Center answer hotline calls, work with non-residential clients, and facilitate healing and support groups for survivors. Volunteers serve as advocates by getting involved with many aspects of CPAF’s work and provide critical support to our shelter, community center, and community-based programs.


Introducing our newest way to be a CPAF Advocate…


Help CPAF expand its reach, promote messages that support survivors, and advocate for accountability, justice, healing, restoration, and an end to the cycles of domestic violence and sexual assault in our communities. Join us on Facebook at and on Instagram at


If you’re looking for a way to support CPAF and the movement to end cycles of violence, becoming a Digital Advocate is a great first step! Contact for more information about how to become a Digital or Volunteer Advocate.

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