Cathay Bank Supports CPAF in Providing Economic Empowerment Services to Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

CPAF celebrates Cathay Bank’s grant with Jinny Moon. Pictured left to right: Angela Eir, Debra Suh, Jinny Moon, Donna Tang

Center for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF) received a $20,000 general operating grant from Cathay Bank to enhance CPAF’s economic empowerment services for low-income, homeless survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Nearly all (90%) of the survivors at CPAF’s shelters are low- to moderate- income and have experienced economic abuse and isolation. CPAF’s economic empowerment activities are offered to all shelter clients and include: coaching on budgeting and financial planning, increasing resources through employment and public benefits, and assistance with locating permanent housing so survivors can establish safe homes for themselves and their children.

Cathay Bank employee Jinny Moon (pictured) advocates for CPAF and volunteers as a South Bay Advisory Council member, developing resources and partnerships to empower survivors that reside in CPAF’s shelters.

CPAF is thankful for Cathay Bank’s partnership to meet the critical needs of the individuals and families we serve. We look forward to partnering further with Cathay Bank in creating an Asian and Pacific Islander community that embraces healthy relationships and works to eradicate all forms of violence.