Maya and Layla’s Ghost Buddy Store


This October, CPAF supporters, Maya and Layla, are continuing their tradition of hosting a Halloween Store selling homemade handicrafts to benefit CPAF, a project that Maya started back in 2015. Maya sent in the letter (above) with the first donation she fundraised in 2016. They inspire us with their passion and creativity, so we decided to sit down with Maya to talk about the project. 


CPAF: Why did you choose to support CPAF?
MAYA: When I was in second grade I came home and decided I wanted to open up a shop. My dad asked me what I wanted to do with the money, and I decided I wanted to donate it to a charity, and CPAF seemed like the best option.
CPAF: How did you come up with the idea to make ghosts and tombstones and bats and how did you learn to make them?
MAYA: About a year earlier we sewed a Halloween sock kitten for my sister, so we decided to do a Halloween sale on stuffed ghosts. The second year we decided to do stuffed bats and wooden tombstones. The special thing about our bats and ghosts is that no two are the same! (And they come with a jolly rancher!) We didn’t take any classes on sewing, and we pretty much learned ourselves.
CPAF: What was the best part of running the Halloween Shop?
MAYA: My favorite part is selling them and assembling the shop, although creating them is fun, too. My favorite part of creating them is making the expressions.
CPAF: Do you have any words of encouragement for other young people who want to get involved?
MAYA: If you want to help CPAF, you can start a shop like we did, or raise money in your own way. It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun and worth it!
CPAF: One of CPAF’s goals is to build violence-free communities, what does it mean for a community to be free of violence?
MAYA: When a community is free of violence, it means that people are safer and happier. Younger people will have better examples, and won’t be afraid of their parents.


Thanks, Maya and Layla, for using your creative talents to benefit CPAF and to make a change in your community! CPAF is fortunate to have volunteers and supporters who find so many different ways to use their time and talents to serve clients, reach out to their communities, and raise financial support. If you’re inspired to plan your own fundraising activity, please let us know so we can share your event.