SAVE THE DATE: 9/19/19 – CPAF Gala


We are delighted to announce CPAF’s 41st Anniversary Gala will take place on:

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Los Angeles River Center & Gardens

570 W. Ave. 26, #100, Los Angeles, CA 90065

More than 400 community friends and partners gather each year to join Center for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF) at this signature benefit gala. CPAF and partners engage the community to end domestic and sexual violence through culturally-grounded crisis intervention and violence prevention.

We will be posting gala updates with more event details in the months ahead – visit our website at and stay connected with us on social media @CPAForg (Facebook | Instagram | Twitter). Check out the recap of our 40th Anniversary Gala here.

Join us in creating an Asian and Pacific Islander community that embraces healthy relationships and works in partnership with other communities to eradicate all forms of violence.

Let’s nurture change together.



CPAF’s mission is to build healthy and safe communities by addressing the root causes and the consequences of family violence and violence against women. The agency specializes in serving low-income Asian and Pacific Islander (API) survivors of domestic and sexual violence and is committed to meeting the specific cultural and language needs of API women and their families.

CPAF invites everyone to learn more at and to share our 24-hour multilingual crisis hotline number with anyone who may need it: 1-800-339-3940.

A Year in Review: CPAF’s 2017-18 Annual Report

Center for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF) is pleased to present its fiscal year 2017-2018 annual report, celebrating 40 years of engaging the community to end domestic and sexual violence through culturally-grounded crisis intervention and violence prevention.

The report highlights CPAF’s roots, reflecting on how the organization has grown to become what it is today. As CPAF founder Nilda Rimonte shares, violence against women affects everyone. In today’s complex environment, we truly appreciate your thoughtful contribution, which allows CPAF to provide life-saving services.

With the help of many caring supporters, survivors of domestic and sexual violence graduating from CPAF’s programs are able to build violence-free households for themselves and their children. A recent graduate shared the following with her Family Advocate.

“I came to the shelter with a broken heart and no hope. But I am a different person today. I learned a lot, feel secure and have hope for the future. I thank you for this program and everything you and CPAF did for me and my son.”

At the end of her stay, the program graduate cooked a communal dinner of traditional dishes from her culture for staff and residents to share, as her way of saying thanks.

Thank you for your tremendous support.

Head over to Resources to view our latest Annual Report for fiscal year 2017-18.

FY 2017-18 Annual Report Highlights

Stay connected with CPAF by viewing our blog for information about upcoming activities and events.

Holiday Thanks!

Thank you to our volunteers, supporters and sponsors who have contributed to bringing hope this holiday season for the families served by CPAF. With your support, we hosted holiday celebrations for residents and graduates of our emergency and transitional shelter families.

Many thanks to our holiday event volunteers and sponsors who volunteered their time, raised funds and conducted donation drives to sponsor holiday activities, gifts and toys for families – including:

We are filled with gratitude – thank you! It means so much to the families we serve to know that community members are thinking of them and wishing them well during the holiday season.

Bank of America gift wrapping party

CPAF's Advisory Board donated gift cards

N&A volunteers

A Reminder for the Holidays

During this holiday season, we at CPAF would like to send our friends and supporters a gentle reminder that the holidays can represent a difficult and vulnerable time for survivors. Let’s try to remember to be compassionate and empathetic when sharing the holiday cheer.

Many survivors associate the holidays with increased stress levels and negative memories. This time of the year can be an emotionally taxing and painful time when survivors visit and spend time with family and friends. Some family members might ask “Where is your partner? How is your spouse doing?” — not aware that the survivor is attempting to flee an abusive relationship.

For undocumented, immigrant, or refugee survivors, the holiday emphasis on family togetherness often magnifies the absence of close family and loved ones. It reminds them of their lack of freedom and inability to travel home for the holidays.

In solidarity with survivors, be mindful and make your holidays wishes/messages informed, understanding, and kind.

Below is a short list CPAF compiled to help practice mindfulness this holiday season:

  1. Put yourself first. Though we appreciate and encourage sharing the seasonal cheer, be mindful of whether your message is inclusive to those who may have toxic relationships with family members. Remember, we all walk different paths in life, none of which are the same.We encourage everyone to pause and take a break during tough conversations.
  2. Be aware of messages you give. As your family is gathered together, give examples of how they can share messages of empathy and kindness. Instead of assuming others have family members they are close with, you can ask “do you usually like to celebrate the holidays?” Educating family and friends of how their messaging can be more inclusive and impactful.
  3. Reach out. Should you or someone you know need support, there is help available. Please reach out to us at our 24-hour multilingual crisis hotline at 1-800-339-3940. We want you to know that you are not alone. Don’t forget to practice self-care and healthy love this holiday season.

Creating a Climate Where Everybody is Respected

CAPTION: PBS So Cal’s Bonnie Boswell (center) met with CPAF representatives Michelle Esperanza, Development & External Relations Director (left) and Ellen Hong (right), Community Program Director.

We end CPAF’s Month of Thanks with our deep gratitude for the opportunity to talk about sexual violence in the Asian Pacific Islander community on a recent episode of PBS News Hour Weekend on PBS So Cal.

The news clip aired Sunday, November 18, 2018, and features CPAF Board Member Brittany Morey, who talks about the aftermath and healing from sexual violence, and CPAF Community Program Director Ellen Hong, who states, “We need our community to join with us. Together we can create a climate in which everybody is respected.”

View the video clip, S4 E403: Center for the Pacific Asian Family, here:

Many thanks to Brittany for sharing her experience, and to Ellen and PBSSoCal Executive Producer/Reporter Bonnie Boswell of Bonnie Boswell Reports for shedding light on sexual violence and its impact on the API community.


  • Learn more and speak up about domestic and sexual violence and help end the stigma – learn more on our website here.
  • Believe and support survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
    • If you or someone you know needs help, please call CPAF’s 24-hour multilingual crisis hotline at 1-800-339-3940.
    • Most importantly: listen to a survivor’s story without judgment and let them know that this is not their fault.  Abusers use power and control to make their partner feel like they deserve the abuse that they have been enduring. You might be the first person to tell them that no onedeserves violence and abuse.

Thank you for believing and supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Thank You!


Thank you so much for your support on #GivingTuesday – we’ve received more than $1,500 in donations to date. Thank you! We are thankful for the support as we enter the holiday season. After the shopping festivities of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, thank you for participating in giving back to the communities we serve on Giving Tuesday!
#GIvingTuesday kicks off the Season of Giving – there’s still time to donate for our year-end giving campaign to support families and survivors of domestic and sexual violence at holiday time.
Ways to give include:
Thank you for your partnership as we nurture change together.

Pay It Forward to Your Future Self


As November winds down, let’s recap your accomplishments from CPAF’s month of gratitude.

You’ve already:

  1. Voted CPAF’s mission on November 6 to help bring us closer to ending all forms of violence.
  2. Paid it forward on World Kindness Day (November 13) by doing something kind for others, and
  3. Raised awareness around male survivorship on International Men’s Day (November 19) while empowering positive male role-models in the community.

Now, we invite you to continue the festivities by participating in a self-care activity.

Celebrate what you’re thankful for by writing a letter to your future self. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the past year while thinking about future goals.

What stands out in your mind from the past year that you’re especially happy about? What goals do you want to achieve in this next year? Contemplating the future will help you take action today in order to meet your goals.

Seal the letter in an envelope, write the current date on the outside, and store it away. Open the envelope one year later and take time to reflect on your past year.

Reading the letter will let you see how your life trajectory has changed, even in just one year’s time, and will provide a different perspective about how much you’ve changed since then. You may be surprised with the responses from past-you!


#GivingTuesday – Make a Donation Toward Ending Domestic and Sexual Violence

November 27th is #GivingTuesday – a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage philanthropy and to celebrate generosity worldwide. Everyone as a collective can emphasize what it means to give back together.

Following Thanksgiving and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this year’s #GivingTuesday aims to inspire people to collaborate and give back to their communities to help those in need.

In this season of giving, please consider donating to Center for the Pacific Asian Family and join us in creating an Asian and Pacific Islander community that embraces healthy relationships and works in partnership with other communities to eradicate all forms of violence. Celebrate our 40-year journey, honoring those who have stood alongside survivors of domestic and sexual violence and who work tirelessly to end violence.

Ways to GIve:

3424 Wilshire Bl., Ste. 1000
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Thank you for your consideration and for your support of the families we serve.

#cpaforg #keeprising #violenceawareness #giveback #CPAFmonthofTHANKS #NationalGratitudeMonth



As we enter the holiday season, we remain thankful for your support in the movement to end domestic and sexual violence. We send warm wishes to everyone this season and express our sincere gratitude for your support of the families we serve.

If you or a loved one needs support, call our 24-hour multilingual crisis hotline at 1-800-339-3940.





It’s National Gratitude Month and we would like to express our deep gratitude to all who supported CPAF’s 40th Anniversary Gala on Friday, September 21, 2018. More than 400 participated in the celebration at the Los Angeles River Center & Gardens that raised more than $200,000 to support CPAF’s 40 years of engaging the community to end domestic and sexual violence through culturally-grounded crisis intervention and violence prevention.

  • We were delighted to have ABC7’s David Ono serve as emcee for our galaDavid Ono is the anchor for ABC7 Eyewitness News at 4pm and 6pm, the top rated newscasts in all of Los Angeles. He also anchors Eyewitness News on KDOC-TV at 7pm.
  • 40th Anniversary Chair and CPAF Board Member Erwin Pineda welcomed guests and thanked fellow committee members, including Brittany Morey, Willy Ma, and Culinary Co-Chairs Dan Fan and Elaine Chan.
  • Gala guests heard from a former CPAF resident and survivor of domestic violence, who has since earned a degree and who now works at a full-time job.
  • Scott Iseri, Board Chair for our community partner, Project MotiVAte, spoke to partnership in building healthier and safer communities, starting with youth: “…we have partnered up with CPAF in a healthy relationships curriculum, where leaders from CPAF came to our weekly study halls and provided a series of workshops, bringing awareness of the different types of domestic violence and opening a dialogue where youth can explore these ideas in a safe space.”
  • Our staff, volunteers and friends helped create a festive and supportive atmosphere with Hands of Hope Jewelry, Yasuko’s Boutique, and “Experience the CPAF Journey”, an interactive installation demonstrating initial contact a survivor might make through the hotline to the realities of living in a shelter.


Left to Right: Judy Belk, The California Wellness Foundation; 2018 Champion for Change Award Recipient Debra Nakatomi, Nakatomi & Associates; Roselma Samala, CPAF Board President; Debra Suh, CPAF Executive Director.

Judy Belk, President and CEO of The California Wellness Foundation, introduced CPAF’s 2018 Champion for Change Honoree, Debra Nakatomi, President, Nakatomi & Associates. Judy joined CPAF Board President Roselma Samala and CPAF Executive Director Debra Suh in presenting the award to community leader Debra Nakatomi for her leadership and accomplishments in building healthier and safer communities. Learn more about our honoree here.


Culinary Co-Chairs Elaine Chan and Dan Fan and their committee invited and organized 10 Culinary Partners, 4 Beverage Partners and 2 Dessert Partners. We are so thankful to our partners for donating their talent, time and energy to create an exciting culinary experience for our guests. We’ve included links below to learn more about our wonderful partners – please support them and share our thanks for their contributions!


Barbara Jean LA –

Cento Pasta Bar –

Chinese Laundry –

Daw Yee Myanmar Corner –

Joy –

Mama Musubi –

Oba –

Pearl River Delta

Sticky Rice –

The Ceviche Stop –





Chimney Coffee House –

Ketel One –

Mira Laguna Vineyard –

Three Weavers Brewery –



B Sweet Dessert Bar –

Café Dulce –



Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer –






The Inspiration band closed the event with their signature brand of dance-inducing musical entertainment. We are grateful for the group’s continuing support to CPAF, and thankful to all the great musicians and vocalists for donating their talent, time and effort to bring fun and joy to this year’s gala:

Tony Ryan – Guitarist/Vocalist

Marc Bosserman – Keyboard/Vocalist

Stan Cotey – Keyboard/Guitarist/Vocalist

Abdul Latif – Bass Player

Willy Ma – Guitarist/Vocalist

Tyler Ryan – Drummer

Bob Sullivan – Percussionist

Paul Litteral – Horn Player
Michael Mull – Horn Player
Jim Scimonetti – Saxophones/Flutes/Vocalist
Craig Kupka – Trombone Player
William F. Jordan – Lead Vocalist
Casey Chong – Vocalist







Janice & Wade Oshiro



Bank of America

CCL Holdings Ltd.

CPAF Legacy

Daren Mooko & San Tong

Debra Nakatomi & Bob Miyamoto

Downtown Properties Management Services, Inc.

Friends of Debra Nakatomi


Ho-Sheng Lin & Fernanda Lin

The J. Morey Company

Judy Lam

Kaiser Permanente


Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

Nakatomi & Associates

Nossaman LLP


Song Law Group

TRI Construction, Inc.



Alan & Yvonne Nishio

Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles

Code Particle

Daniel Fan

Debra Suh & Robin Toma

Esperanza & Mitchell

First 5 LA

Jane & David Cole

Joann & Dan Lee

Lisa & Ed Pai and Friends

LKP Global Law, LLP

May Ma & Patrick Ross

Naomi Uyeda

Open Bank

Peace Over Violence/ Friends of Debra Nakatomi

Rebecca & Eric Lee

Roselma Samala

Universal Cargo

AMBASSADOR SPONSORS Caroline Choe & Jin Chun

Grace Whitcomb

Jay J. Chung

Ken Raphael

Korean American Bar Association of Southern California

Lawrence Lee

Linh Ma

Little Tokyo Service Center

Maribeth Annaguey

Rose Cheung

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