Creating a Climate Where Everybody is Respected

CAPTION: PBS So Cal’s Bonnie Boswell (center) met with CPAF representatives Michelle Esperanza, Development & External Relations Director (left) and Ellen Hong (right), Community Program Director.

We end CPAF’s Month of Thanks with our deep gratitude for the opportunity to talk about sexual violence in the Asian Pacific Islander community on a recent episode of PBS News Hour Weekend on PBS So Cal.

The news clip aired Sunday, November 18, 2018, and features CPAF Board Member Brittany Morey, who talks about the aftermath and healing from sexual violence, and CPAF Community Program Director Ellen Hong, who states, “We need our community to join with us. Together we can create a climate in which everybody is respected.”

View the video clip, S4 E403: Center for the Pacific Asian Family, here:

Many thanks to Brittany for sharing her experience, and to Ellen and PBSSoCal Executive Producer/Reporter Bonnie Boswell of Bonnie Boswell Reports for shedding light on sexual violence and its impact on the API community.


  • Learn more and speak up about domestic and sexual violence and help end the stigma – learn more on our website here.
  • Believe and support survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
    • If you or someone you know needs help, please call CPAF’s 24-hour multilingual crisis hotline at 1-800-339-3940.
    • Most importantly: listen to a survivor’s story without judgment and let them know that this is not their fault.  Abusers use power and control to make their partner feel like they deserve the abuse that they have been enduring. You might be the first person to tell them that no onedeserves violence and abuse.

Thank you for believing and supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence.