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CPAF’s services are free, strictly confidential, and multi-lingual, in more than 30 Asian and Pacific Islander languages.

We will support you to increase your safety, wellness, and resources, so you can build a life free from abuse.

You are not alone.  Help is available.

24-Hour Multi-Lingual Hotline 1-800-339-3940

CPAF’s confidential hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Call our hotline now to speak to a counselor. You do not have to tell us your name or location. You can be anonymous.

We answer the hotline in English and many different Asian and Pacific Islander languages and dialects. Hotline counselors will provide immediate crisis intervention, safety planning, and emotional support. Referrals to other community resources are also available.

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Counseling and Case Management

CPAF offers counseling and case management to both residential and non-residential clients. 

Services Include:

  • Individual and Group Counseling for emotional support
  • Education about Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Assault
  • Accompaniment to court, hospital, and other social service offices
  • Legal assistance with Immigration, Divorce, Custody, Restraining Orders, and other issues
  • Assistance in enrollment of Public Welfare programs such as CalWorks (TANF), General Relief (cash aid), CalFresh (food stamps), and other public benefits
  • Referral to Employment & Affordable Housing resources

Emergency Shelter

CPAF provides shelter services to survivors in immediate danger, and remains the only emergency shelter for Asian and Pacific Islander survivors in Los Angeles County.

Survivors and children fleeing from domestic violence or sexual assault can find safety in our shelters and a nurturing environment to heal from abuse. Comprehensive case management, counseling, workshops, and services are available to residents to help them recover from violence, build healthy relationships, and grow into strong and independent individuals.

Emergency Shelter Program Services Include:

  • Safe & Confidential Shelter
  • Case Management and Counseling
  • Accompaniment and Advocacy
  • Children’s Programs
  • Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Education

Our shelter services are free, and we provide basic necessities such as food, clothing, and toiletries. 

Transitional Program

Transitional Housing is available to families in Emergency Shelter to help them transition to permanent housing.  

Transitional Program Services Include:

  • Case Management and Counseling
  • Support Group and Life Skills Building
  • Child Care and Development Programs

CPAF helps survivors and their families find permanent housing to build safe, healthy, and independent lives. 

*CPAF accepts Universal TS Applications for survivors interested in applying for our Transitional Housing Program.

Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

CPAF’s Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) program is designed to provide a team approach to responding to sexual assaults in our community.

CPAF provides immediate accompaniment, advocacy, and support to survivors of sexual assault. CPAF can accompany the survivor to the hospital or a rape crisis center to provide support. Multi-lingual advocates are also readily available to support survivors.

SART consists of:

  • Forensic (SART) Nurse: a specially trained nurse examiner who provides an evidentiary examination and medical support for the survivor
  • Law Enforcement: a police officer who conducts an investigation and provides emergency assistance
  • Advocate: counselor who provides emotional support, referrals, and information to help the survivor

CPAF’s SART program works closely with the San Gabriel Valley Medical Center which has their own SART office/unit and the Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center.

Please do not hesitate to call our Hotline to explore your options: 1-800-339-3940.