Love Letters to a Survivor

Beginning with CPAF’s 40th Anniversary Gala, the Love Letters to a Surivor Project is a way for members of the community to connect with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Participants can write a letter, draw a picture, or record a video or audio clip with a message for individuals in need of kindness and encouragement. Contributions may be given to an incoming family or posted on our social media. We hope that by opening this avenue of communication that survivors and their families can feel that they are not alone in their journey towards healing.

Uplifting words are always welcome! If you speak another language besides English we would love for you to make a contribution. You are also welcome to share your own story as you see fit. When making your contribution we ask that you refrain from using language that includes the following:

  • Promises or guarantees ex.”Everything is going to work out etc.”
  • Directive or advice-giving ex. “You should ….”
  • Religious references
  • Judgmental/crude/inappropriate speech

Below is the form to add your submission to our growing number of love letters! If you would like to submit your letter in a different format (audio, video, artwork etc), please include the link to your piece in the text box below, or you can also text words of support or leave a voicemail to 323-380-CPAF (2723). We thank you for taking the time to reach out to a survivor!

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