Pay It Forward to Your Future Self


As November winds down, let’s recap your accomplishments from CPAF’s month of gratitude.

You’ve already:

  1. Voted CPAF’s mission on November 6 to help bring us closer to ending all forms of violence.
  2. Paid it forward on World Kindness Day (November 13) by doing something kind for others, and
  3. Raised awareness around male survivorship on International Men’s Day (November 19) while empowering positive male role-models in the community.

Now, we invite you to continue the festivities by participating in a self-care activity.

Celebrate what you’re thankful for by writing a letter to your future self. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the past year while thinking about future goals.

What stands out in your mind from the past year that you’re especially happy about? What goals do you want to achieve in this next year? Contemplating the future will help you take action today in order to meet your goals.

Seal the letter in an envelope, write the current date on the outside, and store it away. Open the envelope one year later and take time to reflect on your past year.

Reading the letter will let you see how your life trajectory has changed, even in just one year’s time, and will provide a different perspective about how much you’ve changed since then. You may be surprised with the responses from past-you!